Skin Rejuvenation

Everyone will start aging by the age of 30s. No one can stop aging process but we can delay or slow down aging process by doing some treatments to restore youthful appearance.

It’s crucial to understand that skin rejuvenation primarily address the aesthetic consequences of aging, not the underlying biological processes. While they can offer a more youthful appearance, they don’t fundamentally “reverse” aging. Some examples include:

    • Botox Injections: Relax facial muscles to temporarily smooth out wrinkles caused by repetitive expressions.
    • Dermal Fillers: Add volume to specific areas like the lips or cheeks, addressing the loss of fullness that occurs with age.
    • Laser Treatments: Target specific concerns like sun damage, uneven skin tone, or certain types of scars.

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Common Skin Aging Signs

Witnessing the telltale signs of aging? From collagen loss leading to reduced plumpness, to sagging skin and the development of fine lines and wrinkles, years can take their toll. Dehydration can further exacerbate the issue, leaving skin dull and vulnerable due to thinning.

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Loss of collagen

Loss of Elascity

Wrinkle & Fine Lines

What types of Skin Rejuvenation treatment are available in True Clinic

By comparing all those pros and cons, these are the available treatment in True Clinic (PDRM certified) :

  • Energy Devices : HIFU, Fotona 4D, Discovery Pico
  • Injectable Skin booster : HA injection, Sculptra, Plinest (PDRN) and Exosome

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Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Goals

Delayed Aging

Regain Youthfulness

Regain Smooth & Hydrated Skin

Regain Glowing Skin

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How to book for Skin Rejuvenation treatment?

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