Medical Grade Facial

Facial is common treatment for younger and healthier looking face by using some devices and products. Facial is the most basic treatment for maintenance of healthy skin on face.

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Types of medical grade facial

1. Aqua Peel Tera:

  • Technology: This facial utilizes a pressurized water jet and exfoliating tip to deeply cleanse the skin.
  • Benefits:
    • Removes dead skin cells and impurities.
    • Improves skin texture and tone.

2. Oxy Facial:

  • Technology: This facial uses pressurized oxygen to deliver a potent cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Benefits:
    • Infuses the skin with essential nutrients for a revitalized appearance.
    • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Transderm Facial:

  • Technology: This facial utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy or ultrasound technology to gently warm the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Benefits:
    • Stimulates collagen production for firmer, more youthful skin.
    • Tightens and lifts the skin.

Choose your medical facial based on skin concerns, type, desired results, and intensity. Consult True Clinic professional for best choice

What are the key benefits of Hydration Medical Facial?

By comparing all those pros and cons, these are the unique selling point:

  • Unblock Pores
  • Hydrate Skin
  • Glowing Skin
  • Improve Skin Texture
  • Reduce Fine Line & Acne

Hydration Medical Facial is the best treatment that we would recommend to maintain skin condition in the most optimal status.

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Suitable for all skin types

Factors that determine result

Correct Treatment Plans

Avoid New Scars Formation

Acceptable Recovery Time

Strict Post Care Regime

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How to book for Medical Grade Facial

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  2. For first-timers, there will be an in-depth skin analysis and consultation
  3. Begin your facial treatment with us and look forward to a clear complexion!

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