Pigmentation Removal Treatment

While pigmentation is a concern for many individuals globally, it’s true that people with Asian skin are more prone to experiencing hyperpigmentation, which manifests as dark spots or uneven skin tone. This increased susceptibility stems from two main factors:

  1. Melanin Production: Asian skin naturally has a higher concentration of melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, the pigment responsible for skin, hair, and eye color. This leads to a greater overall production of melanin compared to other skin types.

  2. Melanin Activity: Melanocytes in Asian skin are more easily stimulated by external factors like sun exposure, hormonal changes, and even skin inflammation from acne or injuries. This increased sensitivity triggers an overproduction of melanin, leading to visible pigmentation issues.

It’s important to note that pigmentation is a natural phenomenon, not solely a problem. However, addressing concerns around hyperpigmentation requires understanding these factors and incorporating sun protection measures, using safe skincare practices, and consulting dermatologists for appropriate treatment options.

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Types of Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation comes in various forms. Sun exposure is a major culprit, causing freckles, age spots, and even melasma. Skin inflammation from acne, injuries, or allergic reactions can also trigger hyperpigmentation. Additionally, some medical conditions and medications can influence skin color. Consulting a dermatologist is crucial for proper diagnosis and treatment of any pigmentation concerns.

Type of pigment
1)Superficial / epidermal pigment
(exp: freckles, solar lentigo)
2) Dermal pigment
(exp: Nevus of Ota, Hori Nevus)
3)Mixed (exp: melasma)


Skin pigmentation varies: sun exposure causes freckles, age spots, and melasma; inflammation or some medical conditions can also affect skin color. Seek professional diagnosis for personalized treatment.

Superficial / Epidermal Pigment

Dermal Pigment

Mixed (eg : Melasma)

Cause of Pigmentation

Pigmentation is a very common skin problem among Asian countries. There are 2 main categories of pigment. Epidermal (Superficial) , Dermal (deep) pigment and mixed.

Several factors can trigger unwanted pigmentation in individuals. These includes UV sunlight,  Inflammation &  Female hormones, particularly during pregnancy or menstruation, can influence melanin production and contribute to pigmentation concerns.

Why you should consider picosecond laser?

By comparing all those pros and cons, we always choose treatment for our patient base on:

  • Less painful
  • Low risk of PIH
  • Brightening & whitening within 1 session

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Factors that determine result

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Correct Diagnosis of pigment type

Suitable Laser Device or Combination Therapy

ance treatment featured - nodules

Consistent follow up

Our Main Goals for Face Rejuvenation Treatment

Maintenance Care (apply sunscreen)

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