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Discovery Pico Laser

Discovery picosecond laser made from Italy which have USA FDA, European FDA and Taiwan FDA approval laser device. It gives you better and faster result, lesser down time and low risk of post inflammatory pigmentation (PIH).

It can be used for:
  • Remove pigmentation
  • Lighten acne scars and blemishes
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Remove tattoos


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Benefits of Discovery Pico Second laser.

Fractional laser beam that help you penetrate 2mm and rejuvenating your skin by stimulating collagen rebuild. This is the reason why discovery picosecond laser very effective for scars and pores treatment.

  • Fractional Laser Technology: The TrixFIX hand piece utilizes a fractional laser beam to penetrate deep into the skin (up to 2mm).
  • Collagen Stimulation: This penetration triggers collagen production, promoting skin rejuvenation.
  • Effective Scar & Pore Treatment: The picosecond laser technology is particularly effective in addressing scars and enlarged pores due to its collagen-stimulating properties.
  • Customizable Treatment: Different sized hand pieces allow for tailored treatment based on the specific type of pigmentation issue.
  • High Power: The device boasts a high peak power of 1.8GW, potentially enhancing treatment efficacy.
  • Dual Wavelength Capability: The machine offers two wavelengths:
    • 532nm: Targets superficial pigmentation concerns.
    • 1064nm: Reaches deeper layers to address stubborn pigmentation.

Different spot size use for different type of pigment problem as well.

Discovery Pico Laser is suitable for these skin issues

Pico Laser is a non-ablative laser that blast more energy per picoseconds. It works effectively to remove any pigmented cells in skin. It also induce collagen production to promote healthy, glowing skin. These are the common skin issue that can be treated:

  • Pigmentation: Freckles, Melasma, Age spots, solar lentigo
  • Uneven skin tone:dull skin color, after sunburn
  • Pores and scars removal.

Discovery Pico Second laser currently is our main choice for tatto removal, scars treatment & pigmentation. Pico laser works 3 times faster than normal laser.

Learn more about Fractional Discovery Pico Laser here

Reasons why people choose Discovery Pico Second Laser

More Effective Compared To Normal Laser

Minimal Side Effects

Acceptable Recovery Time

Relatively Safe (FDA Approved)

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How to book for Discovery Pico Laser

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  2. For first-timers, there will be an in-depth skin analysis and consultation
  3. Begin your Pico Laser journey with us and look forward to a clear complexion!

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