What is Stem Cell?

Stem cell are the supplier of healthy new cell in body. They are assigned by your body to replace damage cells and regulate regeneration process. While aging process starts, our body will slowly lose ability to heal or regenerated new cell.

Research are shown that stem cells can slow down the progress of some disease by replicating into specific cells and replacing the damaged cells in the body thus restoring the vitality and functionally of the organs. In fact, stem cells can also be expanded outside the body under laboratory conditions and later transplanted in the defective area of the organ for it to regain its function efficiency.

There are many types of stem cell in the body. We have selected a type of stem cell known as human mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) which is able to change into multiple organ cells like in the picture.

How do stem cells help in wellness

How do Stem Cells Help in Wellness?

This is the treatment to increase number of active stem cell into your body for better self- regeneration process and well-being. If you want this method to work, you need millions of stem cells to replace old stem cells in body. Unfortunately, our body cannot produce such number of stem cells on daily basis. Therefore, stem cells will have to be prepared in a sterile laboratory and then inject around 50 to 150 million (depend on condition ) of cells into your body system during 1 session of treatment.

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Benefits of Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC)

  1. Improve sense of wellbeing
  2. Greater energy and stamina
  3. Improve memory
  4. Improve libido
  5. Healthier skin condition
  6. Improve kidney function
  7. Lower insulin requirement doses

Frequently Asked Questions

Each individual has to do a full body assessment to rule out any underlying condition and make sure stem cell therapy give you the optimum result.

This varies with your age and prevailing condition such as smoking, health condition, life style. Normally we recommend 1 or 2 session of treatment per year.

From research study, there is no side effect noted with stem cell therapy. You may experience discomfort on the injection side during stem cell infusion. Some, which is less than 1% ,may have low grade fever during the day of treatment.

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