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acne scars - Treat ice pick scars, box scars and rolling scars at True Clinic KL

Scar removal is one of the most popular skin treatments in True Clinic, Malaysia. Most popular scar formation is due to acne. Scars will remain permanent and have a profound impact on someone‘s self-confident.

Different type of scars will require different type of treatment approach. Everyone is unique therefore we will give you advices and treatment options which is suitable according to your scars type.

True Clinic signature combination scars treatment strategy give you 1+1 > 2 result.

Comparison Between 4 Types Scar Removal Treatments

comparison between fractional CO2, Erbium YAG, Discovery pico and microneeding

PIH = Post inflmatory hyperpigmentation. (skin turn dark after treatment)

By comparing all those pros and cons, we always choose treatment for our patient base on:

  • Individual concern
  • Skin type
  • Scars severity and types.

Fractional Discovery Pico laser currently is our main choice for scars treatment base on it effectiveness, pain level and risk of PIH.

Keys for Successful Scar Removal Treatment

Correct Treatment
Accept Downtime
Strict Post Care Regime
Avoid New Scars Formation
About Scar Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fractional Co2 laser = 7-10days
  • Discovery pico laser =4-7days
  • Erbium YAG laser= 7-14days
  • Microneedling = 2-3days
  • Subcison = 7-14 days
  • TCA Cross = 7-10days

4-8 weeks once (depend on skin condition)

  • Normally after 3 sessions, you will have some visible result.
  • The deeper the scars, the more sessions you need.
  • Scars remodelling speed and rate is different on each individual.

Great news! Result of scars treatment is permanent.

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