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Discovery Picoseconds Laser

Discovery Picosecond Laser uses the most advanced laser technology for pigmentation removal treatment in Malaysia as well as rejuvenate aged skin and tattoos removal. The energy from the laser will penetrate through the outer layer of skin, directly targeting to destroy the pigments without affecting the surrounding tissues.

Discovery pico laser is a FDA (USA and Europe) approved laser machine which is the most powerful lasers among other picosecond laser. Discovery Pico laser has double wavelength laser source emitting at 1064nm and 532nm. 1064nm wavelength for targeting dermis pigment while 532nm wavelength for epidermis pigment.

Why Discovery Pico

  • Less painful
  • Low risk of PIH
  • Brightening and whitening in 1 session
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Causes of Unwanted Pigment

  • UV Sun light
  • Inflammatory process like acne, allergic dermatitis
  • Female hormone
  • Vascular problem (blood vessels problem)
  • Post laser treatment (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)

Pico vs Q-Switch

This video shows you photoacoustic effect of pico laser that break pigments into smaller pieces compared to conventional Q switch laser. Therefore, pico laser will have less sessions of treatment to deliver good result. Sometime, even one session will achieve good result.

Non-Laser Pigmentation Treatment

Depigment topical cream (Cyspera cream, Hydroquinone 4%, Tretinon cream)
Oral Sunblock
Medication (oral tranexamic acid tablet)
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Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on your diagnosis. Some even will see result after 1 session of treatment. Photo visible result normally will take around 3 sessions.

No. Your skin will become better due to picosecond laser inducing optical break down (LIOB) that will stimulate more collagen rebuild under your skin.

Normally Pico laser toning, there is no downtime. However, if you are treating specific pigment lesion(s), there will be mild redness over the lesions for 1-2 days.

All pico lasers in market have their own pro and cons. The most important factor is the laser operator, in other word, the doctor. Consult a doctor before any laser device treatment.

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