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Skin is our largest organ in human body. Our skin is the one of the defence system in our body for us to prevent harmful component like bacteria or virus entering our body. We need to maintain the health of our skin daily by using sun protection, having good diet, moisturization and a healthy life style.

4 main groups of common skin disease:

  • Bacterial
  • Fungal
  • Viral
  • Autoimmune

Skin Problems & Treatments

  1. Impetigo
  2. Erysipelas
  3. Folliculitis
  4. Carbuncles
  5. Furuncles
  6. Erythrasma

Treatment option is antibiotic (topical or oral). Some disease like furuncles and carbuncles need surgical intervention. Please consult our doctor if you have skin symptoms before it gets worse.

  1. Athlete’s foot
  2. Ringworm on scalp and body
  3. Fungal nail infection
  4. Oral Thrush
  5. Jock itch
  6. Tinea Vesicolor

Treatment option is anti-fungal drug (topical or oral). Fungal nail infection, we can use laser therapy. Personal hygiene is very important in treating fungal disease.

  1. Shingles (herpes zoster)
  2. Chickenpox
  3. Molluscum Contagiosum
  4. Viral warts
  5. Measles
  6. Hand, foot and mouth disease
  7. Cold sore of mouth (herpes simplex)

Treatment option is antiviral drug (oral). Not all viral skin disease requires medication, for example chickenpox. Please consult our doctor for more detail.

  1. Psoriasis
  2. Eczema / Atopic dermatitis
  3. Seborrheic dermatitis
  4. Allergic dermatitis

Combined treatments are always used for this approach. Multiple treatment options like topical cream, oral medication, light therapy, immune modulator therapy and so on. Please consult our doctor for more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do provide allergy skin test in our clinic. The test result will show you which component you are allergic to including foods and environment component like dust, fur and etc.

Yes, we do cover children as young as newborn to adult.

No appointment needed for consultation on skin disease. However, it is better for you if you make an appointment to reduce the waiting time.

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