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acne treatment (whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts) treatment kl malaysia

Specializing in skin aesthetics, True Clinic from Malaysia is acknowledged as a professional at acne treatment. Acne is multi factorial skin disease which cause by facial and makeup product, hormone imbalance, stress, personal hygiene and etc.

All these factors will lead to activation of oil glands under the skin which causes blockage of the opening followed by inflammation and finally infection of the oil gland by bacteria. (a.k.a. pimple).

We can classify into 3 main group. Different group will have different treatment method.

  1. Mild
  2. Moderate
  3. Severe

*each individual might have different combination, depend on skin condition.

Acne Treatments

Acne Treatment & Facial Treatment at Kota Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia

To remove comedones and reduce blockage sebaceous gland opening. Comedones is pre-acne process. It will lead to swelling of sebaceous gland and induced inflammation. Once inflammation process started, bacteria on skin surface will infect the area and form acne.

Acne Treatment from PJ , KL Malaysia

Example: clindamycin gel(antibiotic), topical retinoid, topical benzoyl peroxide. Indicated for mild grade of acne. Required longer time to see improvement with topical treatment. It may take up to 3 months and above. Combining with facial treatment will meet with better and faster result.

Acne - Oral Antibiotic (doxycycline)

Example: T. doxycycline and T. erythromycin. For moderate grade acne which contain pustules type of acne. Antibiotic function is to kill propionibacterium acne which stay on our skin.

Acne - Oral Isotretinoin

For nodular and cystic type of acne. This medication decrease activity of sebaceous gland which is the main causes for acne development. Ask your doctor for detail regarding this medication.

Acne - intra-lesion injection - True Clinic Kota Damansara

For nodular and cystic type of acne. Will reduced swelling and inflammation in short period of time to minimize the scars formation.

Our Main Goals for Acne Treatment

Avoid and Minimize Acne Scars & Marks Formation
Healthy Skin
Regain Self-confident
About Acne Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally after 1-month time you will notice the difference.

Yes. Food that causes you to have an allergic reaction. Some books even mentions avoid oily and high protein diet.

You should use water base facial products to avoid skin congestion. Exfoliation is important for those who have oily skin type.

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